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Bleeding Skull

Bleeding Skull

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One of the coolest centerpieces you'll ever have. Solely for theatrical purposes..and i'm here for it.

7 OZ
Soy Wax

Crystal Manifestation Ritual

·cleanse your crystal. Water, or smoke is my favorite

· There are many ways to charge your crystals. Between salts, sound baths, and even burying them in the ground! I prefer to leave under the moonlight, keep it simple.

· Set your intentions, writing it down helps

· Surrender all negative feelings, and repeat your mantra

· Use your crystal during meditation, while you sleep, and at your alter

Ritual cleansing is often centered around certain points in the solar or lunar cycle, you can set your stone outside at any time to cleanse and recharge.

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Customer Reviews

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Misty Taylor
Great products!

Love, love, love my gifts i ordered!! I ordered a few candles at Christmas for gifts and i was very impressed. They were so beautiful I had to order a few things for myself. 5th Coven is a lovey shop and offers a variety of candles, melts, jewelry, spell boxes and more. I highly recommend taking a look at what 5th Coven Candle Co has to offer. 💗

Bárbara Salyer
Bleeding Skull

Absolutely love it!! Thank you👍🏻

Jessica Hatfield
Wonderful maker and amazing products

Everything in this shop is amazing. The new scents are clean and can even be worn on sensitive skin. The scented candles have a strong smell that fills an entire room and the ritual candles have so many little details that you can tell it is made with care. The bleeding skulls by far are the coolest items of all. They really do look like they are bleeding as the melt! Make sure to support this amazing women!


I'm passionate about my candles! From the ambiance to the crystals.. but nothing compares to a Amazing, high-end, luxury, clean burning candle.. im pretty obsessed with it!