Our Story


Welcome my witchy & candle loving friends!
I'm Amber, the owner & maker behind 5TH Coven Candle Co.
I started candle making in hopes of creating a clean product for my home, also the creative outlet that it gave me was amazing. I quickly fell in love. I fell in love with the mixing, brewing, testing, and the overall challenge.

I have always been obsessed with the dim, alluring ambiance that a candle gave off, so it's no surprise that I started brewing my own, the only issue: the toxic chemicals the candle produces in my home. As my family grew the more conscious I became with the daily products we use in the home. I started 5TH Coven from a place of love, wanting to create a clean, non-toxic candle. After a long period of testing, i'm beyond thrilled to get these beautiful candles in your home to!

I'm so proud to share my candle line that consists of all my passions, crystals, beautiful fragrances, clean products, and witchy vibes.
The 5 in 5TH Coven stands for my little coven, my handsome husband, and our three beautiful daughters. From my coven to yours, enjoy all your witchy goodies, in good conscious.